Awakening Box

Awakening in a Box is a subscription box unlike anything else. We want to join you on your journey of awakening through crystal energy. We strive to bring you tools that enlighten and awaken your mind and spirit to your full potential. We want to bring you healing and positive energy every month through crystals and products designed to aid you on that journey. You deserve to feel alive, happy, healthy, and full of purpose. Your monthly box will contain 3 healing crystals/stones and 2 products specifically made to strengthen your connection to Spirit & The Universe. Each box will have a specific theme.

Enlightened Box

This magical and Enlightened Box is a bigger version of our original Awakening Box. This box will contain 5 crystals (guaranteed to have at least 2 more rare, bigger or cluster crystals each month) and 4-6 products(bigger and/or more expensive items than our original box) aligned with the month's theme.

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