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Awakening in a Box

Awakening in a Box wants to join you on your journey of awakening through crystal energy. Grow your collection with crystals & stones picked intuitively just for you.  Let us bring you healing and positive energy every month with crystals and products designed to aid you on your path. 

Our October box is All Hallows’ Eve Ritual Kit. Orders typically ship between the 20th - 25th of each month. To get the current month’s box, you must subscribe by the 21st of that month. All subscriptions renew on the 1st of the month. 

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Awaken your Spirit. Enlighten your mind. Meditate. Align. 

Through this incredibly unique subscription box, I am now the proud owner of beautiful crystals that I cherish and keep by my bedside. They have aided me by providing a sense of security, have pointed me to more creative + joyous outlets and have definitely guided me toward my personal power + growth. 

Jenn Ryan

This is a wonderful company! The boxes are amazing and the crystals are beautiful. They’re also so quick to respond to any messages or questions I’ve had for them. 

Katie Raley

Enlightening! I have always been looking for a way to become properly introduced to crystals and such, and I have to say this box of goodies was my perfect way into the world of Mother Natures healing physical form that is. 

Kara McDonald

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 Our October box is All Hallows’ Eve Ritual Kit. You won't want to miss out! Sign up by October 21st to get your box and start your journey toward enlightenment.